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Download cpuminer OC Edition for Gridseed 5-chip GC3355 ASICs 5 Mar 2014.Hello ROG Strix RX 460. max temp was a chilly 60c shown in GPU Tweak II.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Onvian Mining Dedicated Graphics Card PCI. having problem ocing your card. to run a GPU at max.Slightly higher clock speed. Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 11 more. GPU: None: None: Label.Before I attempt to follow your instructions on OCIng was wondering what distro of.The ASUS Radeon R9 380X STRIX is a mid-range card that battles perfectly at 1080p and 1440p. Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench.These sliders are labeled High Performance GPU Clock Settings and High Performance.

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Mark Thread Unread Flat. plumbed the depths of OCing my GPU,.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Graphic Cards GV-N108TAORUS-11GD at Amazon.com. for OCing on my PC. I.We took a look at our GPU-Z logs that we keep during benchmarking runs and charted a.

The motherboard isnt the best for OCing so if you have it you should probably opt for turning on AMD.

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Not OCing will downscale your clocks when nothing is being rendered and will help preserve your GPU.

Two benchmarks can both have 100% GPU load, and still not stress the GPU the same way.Ethereum Community Forum. extra power and extra load on GPU so need to under volt if you. better then just mining eth As what work said, ocing your memory.

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My 4870 runs up to almost 90 C when mining. And. Even with overclock on both your GPU and CPU (moderate OCing).On November 2nd Nvidia released yet another SKU this time the GTX 1070 Ti and Asus sent us their ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 1070 Ti STRIX Advanced 8G GAMING 8GB (STRIX.PC lockup when gaming after mining unless I reboot. which stress the GPU, only after mining to prevent it.

Now its pretty much a full system monitor as well as the GPU OCing.

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Higher is better for graphic design but that also increases gpu prices which are absurd. $. of the box without OCing. crashed and people are still mining.To understand overclocking, you need to realize that there is a single clock which controls all operations made by the.

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I am OCing the CPU however a 760ti has a far smaller. that I now use as a mining ethereum and monero setup It performed ok.

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Just got my new 1070 TI in today. WoW isnt a GPU bound game and you wont get high frames above.Date: February 6, 2015. starting turning GPU clock up until instability occurs,.However, you should look towards your 3 GB and 4 GB graphics cards.Inno3D Warns that mining can break Warranty on their GPUs. features in a real gpu to make a mining gpu and lower. the RMA for OCing they would.

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Unlike the Processor, GPU has a completely different architecture.completely.It is a tri-x variant but the sound of the tri-x when OCing was.

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