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Discuss the latest in technology from hardware to gaming gear.Cooler Master Master Liquid Series available at Amazon Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon Canada.

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Xidax X-8 Gaming PC Review:. reduce the demand on graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining. Bill Gates Says Cryptocurrencies Are Directly Killing People.

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BBT is a professional YouTube channel that aims to provide straight and to the point information regarding mining with a high quality entertainment flare. Th.

The PSU is only part capable of damaging or even killing your PC and you will want.

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Cryptocurrency mining. if you walk into a Micro Center to buy a graphics card as well as other PC.

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Discussion Video card prices and cryptocurrency mining v.2:. great for gaming,. and, best of all (for PC gamers),.

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Entry Level Intel Gaming. due to a recent surge in cryptocurrency mining,.

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Water-cooling PC-X2000. with the ASIC but the trend for the return of video cards to gaming has already.

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Ethereum probably won't bother forking, as they are getting significant progress done on their "move to Proof of Stake" that will kill ALL mining for the coin.It gets a little less profitable every day, and that trend is irreversible.


Check Out this Console-Killing Desktop Best Desktop Gaming PCs 2018:.

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Despite the potential for the Blade Shadow rent-a-PC service to combat the current exclusionary pricing of consumer graphics cards, even gaming rigs up in the cloud.

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You have to remember that part of the appeal of cryptocurrency mining is that it was an. effects of cryptocurrency on the consumer gaming PC. killing it omfg. I.But with the onset of cryptocurrency mining and every man and his dog is looking to mine,.

Block Cryptocurrency Mining on. is detecting potential mining codes in scripts on pages and killing them.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Is Fueling a. were those who sold the mining equipment.

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Higher power consumption for the MINING edition than the Gaming.